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Quilted Vests Must Haves of 2023 – Shop the Sale!

It’s no secret!  I love my quilted vests.  And I’ve acquired quite a collection over the years.

Today, I’m doing an impromptu post in response to holiday sales going on now.  Shop the sale to save money, while acquiring a few of the season’s most trendy vests to help get you through the rest of the cold, long winter.

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Why I Love My Quilted Vests

Funny enough, I purchased my first quilted vest because it was on sale.  I know!  Not a great reason to make a purchase decision.  In my youth, I struggled with a shopping addiction.

However, in spite of this poor logic, I soon realized I loved wearing my new vest around the house.  It was so easy to throw on over my outfit to provide another layer of warmth!  And so I bought another.  And another!  Soon, my closet was filled with quilted vests.  And to this day, my closet is still filled with them.

When I saw this sale through Pink Lily, I decided to treat myself to another vest purchase!  Can you guess which of the following quilted vests I purchased for myself?  I’ll reveal my own personal vest purchase at the end of this article for those who are curious!

My Favorite Quilted Vests to Shop Now!

Please note the prices provided reflect the price at the time this article was published and are subject to change.

And if you didn’t catch the sale, you can still use my code: December20 to save 20% off your quilted vest purchase or any Pink Lily purchase at checkout.  This coupon code does not apply to items already discounted.

Price: $58.00
Price on sale: $26.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

Leather is super in right now!  Plus, this vest will be super flattering because it’s black and has a tie waist!  Pair it with leggings or jeans for a trendy statement look.

Price: $56.00
Price on sale: $24.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

I love both color options for this vest.  The mint green is the perfect pop of color needed in the dreariness that is winter and the silver colored vest is such a fun, standout piece!  

Price: $68.00
Price on sale: $30.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

If you love soft neutrals this is the vest for you!  I love the beige color – it pairs well with anything.  Plus, the detachable hood make it incredibly versatile and keeps you protected from the harsh winter elements.

Price: $58.00
Price on sale: $26.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

If you’re looking for a vest that’ll help you stand out in the crowd, but still says “casual chic”, look no further!  This denim quilted vest is such a unique addition to your wardrobe.  Great for coffee runs, meeting up with friends, and outdoor sporting events!  

Price: $64.00
Price on sale: $28.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

If you liked the first quilted vest recommendation, but were unsure of the tie belt, check out this option!  Not only will you be super stylish rocking the black leather look, you’ll stay incredibly warm in this black puffer quilted vest.

Price: $52.00
Price on sale: $22.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

What can I say?  I love the faux leather look.  This one is a bit different from my other recommendations because of the color and the fact that it’s cropped.  It’s a great option for any girl on the go!

Price: $62.00
Price on sale: $32.00

Image Source: Pink Lily

Rounding out my list of quilted vests is this apricot-colored beauty!  This vest is perfect for transitioning from fall to winter and can be worn in either season.

Other Trendy Vests You May Be Interested In

In addition to the quilted vests I showcase above, check out some of these alternative vests:

There’s also many other great outerwear alternatives on sale now at the Pink Lily!  Shop it before the sale ends!

Other Fashion and Gift Inspiration

If you loved some of these picks (and even if you didn’t), check out some of my other recent Pink Lily favorites on my holiday gift list!  They make wonderful holiday gifts for loved ones, or even for yourself!  With all the holiday sales, this is the time to treat yourself, after all!

Also, don’t forget to check my Shop page to discover other great products I’ve featured on my blog throughout the year.

My Quilted Vest Pick

As promised, I’ll now reveal my pick for my favorite quilted vest.  I loved it so much so, I purchased one for myself.  I’m happy to share that my pick is the quilted puffer vest in shiny silver!

Silver Quilted Vests

If you’d like to purchase the same vest for yourself, please use the link below:

I paid a total of $24. But, if you missed the sale, remember to use my code December20 to save 20% off your purchase. 

And if you want to acquire a whole collection of quilted vests, like me, the total cost for all 7 quilted vests showcased today add up to a grand total of $188!  Not too bad for a lifetime of warmth, right?

I hope you enjoyed my impromptu post of the day!  To hear about more great sales, be alerted to other great content, and gain access to exclusive perks, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

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