Thanksgiving Dress
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Thanksgiving Dresses that are Affordable and Cute, Plus An Investment Idea!

Are you looking for the perfect Thanksgiving dress?  In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite dresses from the last couple years and the Thanksgiving dress I intend to wear this year, plus how much I spent on each outfit.  As a bonus, I’ll give you an investment idea based on the style of dress you select. 

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What to Wear, What to Wear...

Thanksgiving Dress

Who doesn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving looking fabulous?  Not I!  But don’t throw aside those stretchy pants just yet! After all, comfort still reigns supreme on Turkey Day.

My go-to solution for the PERFECT Thanksgiving outfit?  Wear a dress paired with leggings or tights.  Not only does this combo look dressy, but it provides some much needed comfort as well.  Booyah! 

Plus, with so many dress options out there, the possibilities are endless. 

There also exists endless investment options.  Pick one of the three Thanksgiving dress styles and I’ll share an investment idea you might be interested in.


2021 Thanksgiving Dress

Black Floral Mini Dress, Black Tights, and Western-Inspired Booties

If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving dress that’s fun and flirty, then look no further!

The black and pink coloring with the floral pattern is unapologetically feminine.  Moreover, the trim around the sleeves and the bottom hem of the dress, are sure to make you stand out in the best way possible! 

It’s so easy to feel beautiful and exude confidence in this darling dress! 

Personally, I recommend pairing the dress (or a similar style dress) with tights and western-inspired white booties to create the perfect look.

Thanksgiving Dress

The total cost of this Thanksgiving dress was $34.  And of course I bought it on sale!  Would you expect any differently?

I bought this dress from the Pink Lily Boutique a number of years ago.  Unfortunately, the exact dress is no longer sold.  Check out these substitutes if you’re interested in purchasing a similar dress.  If you’re looking for a western-inspired look similar to my dress above, specifically check out the Daisy Dreamin’ Floral Dress.

2022 Thanksgiving Dress

Button Up Tiered Plaid Dress, Black Leggings, and Tall Boots

Thanksgiving Dress
Thanksgiving Dress

I loved this outfit for obvious reasons!  The colors are perfect for fall.  Plus, the dress was adorable.  I will admit this specific dress doesn’t have a ton of stretch, so you may decide to size up if you choose to wear a similar style.

Nevertheless, I still give it top marks for ease of movement!  Being able to sit on the floor to play with the new family puppy after eating bountiful heaps of food is a non-negotiable.

The total cost of this Thanksgiving dress was $26.

I purchased this dress from the Loft.  And similar to the dress above, this exact dress is no longer sold.  Check out these substitutes you might be interested in. 

What I'm Planning to Wear - 2023

Cozy Sweater Dress, Black Leggings, and Tall Boots

Thanksgiving dress womens

Who doesn’t love a good sweater dress?  Am I right?!  Here in New England, sweater dresses are essential for combating the cold during the harsh winter months. 

I love this sweater dress in particular because of the bell sleeves and the ruffles at the bottom!  It gives a little flair to an otherwise simple silhouette.  And it’s super flattering!

Additionally, sweater dresses have great stretch, which makes them the perfect comfort option for Thanksgiving.  Add in the warmth factor and you simply can’t go wrong!

I purchased this dress from Kohl’s a few years back.  So, unfortunately the dress is no longer sold.  When I purchased it, the total cost of the dress was $30.

If you’d like to purchase a similar dress, check out these alternatives.  I love the Living Out Loud Sweater Dress in particular because of the detailing on the sleeves.

Investment Idea Via Your Thanksgiving Dress Style

So, which Thanksgiving dress did you like best?

Hopefully this article gave you some inspiration, both for a Thanksgiving dress and an investment idea!  If you loved this post and want to stay apprised of other awesome content, make sure to sign up for my email list by completing the form below!

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