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11 Summer Styles That Belong In Any Girl’s Closet

As summer draws to a close and retailers are gearing up for fall styles, there’s no better time to score deals on all your summer essentials.  In this post, I’ll share 11 summer styles that every girl should have in her closet along with the associated cost.

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#1: A Floral Mini Dress

Floral mini dresses are my summer uniform.  They’re perfect for days in the office and nights out on the town.  Plus, there are so many floral prints to choose from.  It’s easy to feel pretty in a fun and cute floral dress!

Summer Styles #1: Floral Mini Dress

I purchased the above dress from an online thrift shop I love called ThredUp.  The retail price for this dress was $36, but I got it for a bit less. 

Unfortunately, this exact dress isn’t available for purchase.  However, a similar floral mini dress with a daisy print can be purchased by clicking this link.

Use my code: September20 to receive 20% off your total Pink Lily purchase at checkout.  They also have a wide range of floral mini dresses that are worth checking out if you’re looking for alternative options.

#2: A Comfy Skort

Ok, so I know I already wrote about these super cute tennis skorts in an earlier post, but I kid you not, I’m obsessed!  They’re perfect for lounging, quick grocery runs, or walks with the dog. 

Summer Styles #2: Comfy Athleisure Skort

If you’re interested in purchasing this active tennis skort, use this link.

The skort originally retails for $30, but is now on sale for $14.  Trust me when I say there is no better deal!  Get yours today before they sell out.

#3: A High-Rise Pair of Denim Shorts

This one’s a no-brainer, am I right?  Denim shorts go with everything!  I love wearing my high-rise denim shorts with cute crop tops or tank tops to create the perfect outfit for backyard barbecues or a concert. 

Summer Styles #3: Denim Shorts and a Crop Top

I also purchased these from an online thrift shop.  And the retail price of these shorts was $15.

Click this link to shop similar styles. For all you fellow bargain hunters, these shorts linked above are on sale and only cost $18!  Based on reviews, however, they do seem to run small, so I’d definitely recommend sizing up if you’re interested in purchasing these.

#4: A Crochet Sweater

Paired with denim shorts, a crochet sweater is perfect for summer nights when the sun goes down.  And aside from being super trendy, crochet sweaters are wicked cozy.

Crochet Sweater

The crochet sweater I’m wearing retails for $54, but is currently on sale for $28.  Get yours today using by clicking this link.

#5: A Colorblock Midi Dress

This colorblock midi dress is a hands-down favorite of mine.  It’s lightweight and easy to dress up or down.  I love wearing it for strolls on the beach.  It also kicks up beautifully in the back when the wind blows.

Summer Styles #5: Blue Midi Dress

The dress I’m wearing retailed for $23.  Unfortunately, the dress sold out, but you can shop a similar dress by clicking this link.

#6: A Sunhat

While the warm weather is one of the best parts of summer, it’s not so much fun when the sun is beating down on your face.  Use a sunhat to stay cool and look even cooler!

Summer Styles #6: Tan Hat

Unfortunately, the exact hat I’m wearing above is unavailable, but shop a similar hat by clicking this link.

The retail price for a similar hat is $34.  Use my code: September20 to score 20% off your total Pink Lily purchase at checkout.

#7: A Pair of Overalls

Running around doing errands, but still want to look chic?  Try out a pair of overalls to help you stand out in the best way possible.

Summer Styles #7: White Overalls

I spent $25 on these a few years back.  If you’d be interested in purchasing a similar style, you can use this link.

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but alas I’ll continue to repeat myself!  If you’re interested in receiving 20% off your total purchase (who isn’t?!) through Pink Lily use my code: September20 at checkout.

#8: A Dressy Romper

Date nights and never looked so good!  Throw on a dressy romper and a pair of wedges and you’re off.

Summer Styles #8: Dressy Romper

And again, this item is no longer in stock.  I purchased it several years ago for $46.

To purchase a comparable romper that’s dressy and has the bright, fun abstract print, check out this substitute by clicking this link.  Don’t forget to use my code: September20.

#9: A Flowing Maxi Dress

Any summer must-have checklist would be incomplete without a maxi dress.  Although, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t wear maxi dresses as often as other items on this list, they’re perfect for summer weddings or any other semi-formal event.  Dressy, airy, comfortable.  Enough said.

Summer Styles #9: Maxi Dress

The maxi dress I’m pictured wearing above is hands down one of my favorites!  If you’re interested in purchasing the same dress, please use this link

It retails for $52, but I suspect it will go on sale soon.  And don’t forget to use my code: September20 to score 20% off your purchase at checkout.

#10: White Sneakers

Again, I know I have another post about these white sneakers, but I absolutely love mine!  They go with EVERYTHING!  I especially love wearing them with casual outfits and using them to dress-down some of my more formal outfits.  Also, they’re perfect for exploring the city.

Summer Styles #10: White Sneakers

If you’re interested in purchasing these white sneakers, use this link.

They retail for a price of $46.  Use my code: September20 to score 20% off your total Pink Lily purchase at checkout.

#11: A Duster Cardigan

Last but not least is a duster cardigan.  I debated for a while whether I include this one, but for fair-skinned folk like myself this provides a valuable means of sun protection.  It’s lightweight, airy, and perfect for twirling!

Summer Styles #11: Duster cardigan

This duster kimono retailed for $60 at The Loft, but again I bought it on sale for less.

You can purchase a similar kimono on The Loft using this link.  It’s currently on sale for $13.  Or check out the selection available on Pink Lily for even greater availability.

Total Cost to Own 11 Summer Styles

So now here’s the fun part!  How much did I spend over the years on these 11 summer styles that I live by?  The grand total (based on retail prices for ease of calculation) comes to almost $400!!!

I could’ve spent that money contributing more to my 401K or investing in my individual brokerage.  After all, the S&P 500 index returned about 40% over the last 3 years as of July 2023, a month before this article was published, according to YCharts.  Had I invested it in a market fund, as opposed to spending it on the above summer styles, I would have approximately $560 today!

Was it Worth it to Invest in These Summer Styles?

I have gotten great use out of these timeless summer styles and I’m happy with the investment I made in my wardrobe.  If I could go back in time, I would make all these purchases over again in a heartbeat. 

Agree or disagree?  Would you have invested your money differently or are you as obsessed as I am over these styles?

And if you’re curious to know more about the trade-offs I make in terms of my spending habits, check out my other That Cost What posts.

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