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In conjunction with my post, Little White Dresses for Bride Perfect for All Bridal Occasions and the corresponding quiz, I’ve selected my favorite little white bridal dresses for an engagement photo session, an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and a rehearsal dinner.

All of the little white dresses shown below range in price from $50 – $100*.  So, not only are they perfect for celebrating your special bridal occasions, but they’re affordable for your budget too.  Hooray!

Little White Dresses For You:

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Style: “Time for Something Maxi Dress”


Occasion: Engagement photos


Cost: $54.00

Style: “You’re Just My Type Romper Dress”


Occasion: Engagement party


Cost: $48.00

Style: “Only Clear Skies Lace Dress”


Occasion: Bridal shower


Cost: $54.00

Style: “Alina Rhinestone Embellished Mini Dress”


Occasion: Bachelorette party


Cost: $100.00

Style: “Lauryn White Ruffle Midi Dress”


Occasion: Rehearsal dinner


Cost: $100.00

* Note prices are provided as of date written and are subject to change.

Other Little White Bridal Dresses to Shop:

Did you find your perfect little white bridal dresses?  Hopefully the answer is a resounding yes!  But if not, and your budget is flexible, check out my other picks for each price range below:

Please feel free to share in the comments below which little white bridal dress is your favorite.  I’m excited to hear which dress you choose! 

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