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Little White Dresses for Bride Perfect for All Bridal Occasions

Hi friends!  Welcome back to The Chic Capitalist blog.  Or if you’re new here, welcome!  If you’re planning a wedding (like me!), I bet you’re searching like crazy right now for little white dresses for bride.  And if so, you’re in luck!  I’ve already recommended a few cute and affordable white bachelorette party dresses in a prior post.  If you haven’t already, check it out:

However, because styles are constantly changing in the world of bridal fashion, I thought I’d take it upon myself to share a few more of my favorite little white dresses for brides.  These styles are versatile and can be worn for an engagement photo session, an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a rehearsal dinner, or even as a second dress on your big day.  

But it doesn’t end there!  You can also wear these dresses long after your wedding on your honeymoon and date nights.  Yay!  Talk about great value!  

And if there’s something we here at The Chic Capitalist blog LOVE, it’s great value!

Shopping for Little White Dresses?

Any recently engaged bride-to-be might relish at the idea of wearing white to all the various bridal functions.  And with many retailers now dedicating entire sections of their websites to bridal wear, it’s never been easier to shop little white dresses.  BUT it’s also overwhelming!

Believe me! 

There is such a thing as too many options!  Add in the pressure of wanting to look your best for these bridal occasions and a simple task like picking out an outfit might feel daunting and stressful.  

That’s where The Chic Capitalist comes in!  Take the quiz below to get hand-picked white dresses recommendations.  The chosen dresses are tailored to fit each of your various bridal occasions…and they’re also affordable to you based on your budget.  Plus, they’re super stylish and trendy!

Quiz: Little White Dresses for Bride

white dresses for bride

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Find your perfect little white dress by answering the following questions:

How would you describe your fashion sense?
Which occasion are you shopping for?

How would you describe the look you're going for?
Choose a fabric!
Which feature do you like best?
How much would you like to spend on a little white dress?

Consider This When Shopping for Little White Dresses...

Hopefully my little white dresses for bride style quiz gave you some great ideas!  

Here are a few helpful tips I thought about when shopping for little white dresses (and when preparing the above quiz 🙃) that you might also consider:

   1. Who will see you in this dress?

   2. Is the cost important?  And if yes, how much are you willing to spend?

   3. Would you splurge if you fell in love with a dress?

   4. Do you actually want to wear white?  Although my quiz showcases little white dresses, you can certainly wear other colors.

   5. Do you plan to/will you want to rewear the dress?  And if so, for what occasion?

More Ideas for Little White Dresses for Bride

Not quite what you’re looking for?  Shop more of my little white dress favorites below:

Save even more money by shopping my favorite retailers:

Use code: March20 for 20% of your total Pink Lily order at checkout.  Exclusions apply.

15% off your total Azazie order for new customers using link above and $2 off special occasion dresses.

Other Wedding Inspiration

Hopefully this article gave you some affordable ideas for little white dresses for the bride-to-be!

And if you’re getting married soon or know someone getting married soon, check out my other wedding-related content, including my cash wedding gift calculator, wedding flower calculator, how to save for a wedding in a year, and the cost of being a bridesmaid.  

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