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Sporty Outfit Ideas That’ll Motivate You to Get In Shape (And They’re On Sale!)

Today, I’m sharing 7 sporty outfit ideas inspired by my favorite athletic styles already in my closet.  Not only are these styles versatile for a variety of physical activities, they’ll motivate you to get your butt over to the gym!  

The best part…they’re all on sale!  So, if you’re looking for to add some additional athletic apparel to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, you’ve come to the right place.

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My Motivating Reason to Exercise

With my wedding coming up fast I’ve been thinking more and more about developing a regular exercise routine. After all, I want to look and feel my best on my big day. However, motivating myself to exercise during the winter months has been a STRUGGLE!!  It’s dark and it’s cold. Constantly! All I want to do is curl up under a thick blanket. 

Needless to say, my exercise regiment is practically nonexistent at the moment. And I’m not alone in that. Heck no! 

How many of us would like to exercise more frequently, but struggle to stay motivated? And even if you don’t have any large life events coming up, I’m sure you still want to look and feel your best. Every. Single. Day.

One of my favorite ways to motivate myself is by purchasing a really cute, sporty outfit. Admittedly, this isn’t always the most financially responsible thing to do, but every once in a while it can serve as a nice, motivational treat.  So, if you think a new outfit would help motivate you too, check out my sporty outfit ideas below!  And you’re in luck… because all these sporty outfit ideas featured below are now on sale! 

*Happy Dance*

You’re welcome, wallet!  Missed the sale?  Don’t fret!  You can still use my exclusive code, February20 to save 20% at checkout on your full Pink Lily order.  Let’s go shopping, shall we?  

Sporty Outfit Ideas That Belong In Any Girl's Closet:

1. Matching Sports Bra and Leggings Set

sporty outfit ideas leggings and matching sports bra
matching legging and sports bra set sporty outfit ideas

My first outfit is a matching bra top and leggings set. I love a good set because you instantly have one complete outfit that matches

I know…it probably seems like a silly reason to love an outfit!  But the majority of my workout clothes I bought on sale from various retailers or were hand-me-downs.  Low and behold, none of it looks good together!  Forget wearing that mismatched outfit to the gym when you hardly want to wear it around the house for your loved ones to see.  But with this matching set, that’s a nonissue.

Plus, it’s easy to look cute and feel confident with this fun and sporty matching set.

Sporty Outfit Ideas for Matching Sports Bra and Legging Set:

Perfect For:

Pilates or yoga, strength training, cycling, and other aerobic exercises

2. High Waisted Athletic Shorts

My next athletic outfit, go to our high waisted athletic shorts. First off, high waisted shorts are super comfy and hide unwelcome belly fat. Of course, after you wear these shorts enough, there will be no belly fat to speak of. 😉 

You can also pair them with a variety of different tops.  They’re all around perfect exercise gear and they’re comfortable!  What’s not to love about that?

Sporty Outfit Ideas for High Waisted Athletic Shorts:

Perfect For:

Running, cardio exercises, and strength training

3. Comfy Oversized Top

sporty outfit ideas comfy oversized sweatshirt

With comfortable high waisted athletic shorts, you’ll need a comfortable top as well. I personally love my oversized tops. 

The one I’m wearing in the picture has a little cold shoulder detail that I adore for New England’s more temperate months. And although I love this top, the one thing I do wish it wasn’t such a drab color (maybe I’ll dye it, but that’s a project for another day!).  Since exercise pants often do come in hues of black or gray, I recommend choosing a comfy oversized top in a bold, fun color for effortless pairing.

Sporty Outfit Ideas for Comfy Top:

Perfect For:

Cycling, aerobics, and strength training

4. Sports Bra In A Pretty Color With Intricate Detailing

Next up on my list of sporty outfit ideas is my favorite sports bra.  For starters, I love the color. For someone very fair-skinned like me, the rich purple color is absolutely beautiful. I also love the intricate detailing on both the front and back. It’s so easy to feel confident and ready to work out with a super cute sports bra like this one!

Sporty Outfit Ideas for Sports Bra With Intricate Detailing:

Perfect For:

ANY physical activity!

5. Biker Shorts

sporty outfit ideas biker shorts

This list wouldn’t be complete without a pair of biker shorts. I personally love wearing biker shorts under dresses in the summer, but they also make great exercise gear. They’re super comfortable and allow for a wide range of movement.  Plus they come in a variety of different lengths.  Choose a shorter length like mine or go long.  See what I did there?  You’ll literally be able to “go long” wearing these shorts!

All puns aside, these biker shorts are another versatile, essential piece for your wardrobe.

Sporty Outfit Ideas for Biker Shorts:

Perfect For:

Strength training, cycling, and cardio exercises

6. Dress With Built In Shorts

sporty outfit ideas dress with built in shorts
blue dress with shorts sporty outfit ideas

Next up is one of the more recent additions to my closet.  Yup!  A dress with built-in shorts. It’s genius!  I don’t know why it took me until the age of 27 to own one of these!  And not only is it super comfy, it’s also extremely flattering.

This outfit is great for working out, but I also love it for travel (either road trips or plane rides). It’s super flattering, while also be extremely comfortable.  I call that a win, win!  Shop similar styles today.

Sporty Outfit Ideas for Dress With Built In Shorts:

Perfect For:

Tennis or squash, dance cardio or any other cardio exercises, and aerobics 

7. Skort

sporty outfit ideas skirt with shorts

Last, not least, we have a skort.  And yes, if you’re a fan of this blog, you have seen this exact skort before.  That’s right!  I did a whole post on this skort because I love it so much!  It’s chic, comfortable, and easy to pair with a variety of tops.  If you don’t already have an athletic skort, get yours today! 

Sporty Outfit Ideas for Skort:

Perfect For:

Tennis or squash, dance cardio or any other cardio exercises, and aerobics 

Will These Sporty Outfit Ideas Motivate You to Exercise?

Hopefully this article gave you some affordable, sporty outfit ideas, while also providing you an extra dash of motivation.  

As a reminder, if you’d like to shop the sale, please use the button below:

And remember – deals like these won’t last, but your butt imprint in the couch cushion sure will!  I hope you join me today as I set myself up on a new exercise regimen!  

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