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    Wedding Cash Gift Calculator

    The wedding cash gift calculator below is designed to give you an idea of how much you should give as a wedding gift: Download Please note that the wedding cash gift calculator is intellectual property of  The Chic Capitalist, LLC.  It is for your information and personal use only.  Please review the Terms and Conditions Policy for more information. Beyond The Wedding Cash Gift Calculator This wedding cash gift calculator was designed to be used in conjunction with my full post, How much Should You Give For a Wedding Gift.   Wedding Gift Etiquette I start off the post by discussing proper gift etiquette versus breaking the bank.  Do you have to…

  • wedding gift calculator
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    How Much Should You Give For A Wedding Gift?

    Have you ever wondered how much you should give for a wedding gift?  Or whether you need to give a wedding gift at all?  As a bride-to-be and someone who will be attending A LOT of weddings over the next year, I have a few thoughts on this topic.  So much so, I developed my own cash wedding gift calculator. Calculate Wedding Gift! Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette vs. Breaking the Bank Before I unveil my cash wedding gift calculator, I want to start off by telling a silly little story.  Recently, my fiancé and I were traveling with my brother and his girlfriend for a family wedding.  After paying for…